Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome Back! I am happy to be your child's PE teacher this year. We passed out a couple permission slips that need to  be returned by Aug. 20/21. They will count as our first homework assignment worth 20 points. 

Fuel up to Play 60 is a program sponsored by the NFL and the Midwest Dairy Foundation. It promotes healthy eating and physical activity. We have all of our students sign up here at school with a username and password. These are not shared, the Fuel up to Play 60 administration has no way of accessing this information. It is a safe program made for kids! By logging in to, the kids can track eating and exercise and do other activities that earn them points. When they get to a certain level, they become ambassadors for the program. This leads to rewards for the student. It is a good program if your child wants to be a real fitness leader. The more students get involved with the program, the more rewards our school gets. We have gone to Halas Hall  and Soldier Field for different events that we won.

The other sheet is our PE rules sheet. Please read over this so that your child knows our expectations.

FUTP60 parent permission sheet click here:
PE Rules Sheet click here:

I look forward to  a positive school year with your children.